GMS 2.3+ [SOLVED] Slight problem with panning camera. (1).gif

Now the problem here is that I have the camera panning when obj_player reaches the very edge of the camera.
What I was expecting was the camera starting to pan when obj_player reaches the VERY MIDDLE of the screen,
and when the camera reaches the edge of a room, obj_player will move to a different position as shown in the GIF. I forgot how to perform such thing.

Here are the properties I currently have running.

VIEWPORT 0 - Visible:
Camera Properties: X and Y Pos: 0 Width: 320 Height: 240
Viewport 0 Properties: X and Y Pos: 0 Width: 640 Height: 480
Object Following: obj_player, Hor. Border: 32 Ver. Border: 32 Hor. Speed: -1 Ver. Speed: -1

What do I do?



The horizontal and vertival borders with 160 and 120 values will make your object always on the middle of the screen except when you are near to a edge of the room.