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GMS 2 [Solved] Should I abandon GMFMODSimple and use GMS2's sound system?


Hi again,

Hopefully someone with experience using GMFMODSimple (written by user @icuurd12b42) will be able to provide some valuable insight to this issue.

I converted a 1.4x project to GMS2 a little while back. At the time, I didn't want to work with sounds so I set the volume control to 0.

I've now reached the sounds phase of the project. Unfortunately, I'm finding that a few sounds work, while a good chunk of others don't for some reason. I'm not able to find the problem as even using copied code from areas where the sound does work, does not work elsewhere, even if using the same sound (so not an issue with the Included Files directory) and with no checks (to ensure it triggers). I've never used GMS's own sound system before, but a test sound loaded into the resource tree played without any issue, where FMOD failed to do so.

To the topic's question, I feel that the issue could still be debugged. If so, I won't have to revamp the entire sound system of my project.

On the other hand, I wouldn't be opposed to moving over to GMS2's system. My only concern is that thus far, loading sounds has been a non-issue and switching over will lead to losing this benefit. I have close to 500 individual sound files, each being in the .ogg format.

If anyone has any experience with GMFMODSimple as well as GMS2's own sound system, any insights and advice on how to proceed will be greatly appreciated.


EDIT: Nevermind, I found the problem after realizing that a previous project file in GMS2 ran the sounds fine and compared the two.

If anyone would still like to answer the questions asked, I suppose it could be useful.
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