[SOLVED] - Scr showing as Orange (not blue) and won't execute in event



Thanks kindly in advance for anyone reading this, and especially if you can help.
I did try searching forums for "script not executing" or "script won't work" etc... but couldn't find a previous thread that helped. So I decided I'd ask.

Attempting to execute script in a step-event.
Script does not show as blue font (as expected), but orange. *Does not execute.

The same code/script works on my PC but not for my 9 year old son on his computer.
We are following, to the letter, tutorials (this one is by Heartbeast, which is quite thorough and helpful - his Beginner -Make an RPG).

I cannot understand why the scripts save, show proper font color in the GML/Step Event, and execute on my PC but not my sons laptop.
I own one license for the GM Studio. Unsure if this would cause issues (trying to share the license with his laptop).

Can anyone advise or help?
Again, many thanks in advance.



When you have an issue like this, it helps if you post the code so we can figure out the problem easier.

In this case it sounds like you are using a reserved name for a script that is already a GML function, so probably just need to change the name. If you name all your scripts something like "scr_do_something" you'll avoid this problem.


As obscene mentioned, check to make sure the script name is following proper script naming conventioned (scr...). Otherwise, Its a preference setting.

File > Preferences > Scripts and Code > Colors > Script Names



I changed the preferences (colours are consistent now). Found the error in my sons setup (forgot to initialize in create event).

Many thanks! We appreciate it!

[edit] - I'll post the code in the future. Thank you again.