Legacy GM [SOLVED]Replicate smooth pixel art rotation as seen in photo



So I made this game a while ago and the project file got deleted, I'm remaking it and in doing so unable to replicate this type of rotation:

Screenshot (20).png
I don't believe it used interpolation because the pixels around it have no blurring at all.
I saw in a post once on how to achieve smooth rotation of pixel art, which is how I figured it out in the first place. I can't find the post anymore, but I think I remember it taking control of the draw event and rounding.
I tried round(x) and round(y) when drawing but it didn't change anything.
Here is my new version:
Screenshot (19).png Look at the arm, the pixels are clumped together and jagged.
The room size is 1920x540
View + port is 960x540

It is definitely possible considering it's been done before -- the only question is how.
Any help would be much appreciated

My room size stayed at 1920x540
I set my port on screen to 1920x1080, and my view on screen to 960x540 in the views tab.
I believe the general idea is to have the view on screen smaller than the port on screen.
I hope this helps someone along the road.
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