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Mac OSX Solved: Red Bar Glitch


At fullscreen, my game usually has the standard black bars to maintain aspect ratio, and if I leave fullscreen and return to it, it still has the black bars. But in just a couple rooms of my game (I've noticed it occurring in 2 rooms so far), I've noticed if I leave and re-enter (or launch the game while the display is minimized) there are bright red bars around instead of the standard black. The red color isn't used in the rooms (I don't believe that color is used in the game at all), and there's nothing similar about the two rooms this is happening in. I've tried to reproduce this in other rooms that have similar visual qualities, but I haven't had any success. I am using a Mac, but haven't experienced this with other programs. Thanks!

Update: I've recreated the room with identical instances, and the recreated version of the room does not have this problem. If I duplicate the room, the duplicated room does have this problem, and the room still does even if I delete pretty much everything in it, so I don't think it's an object.

Solved: Apparently I had accidentally clicked off "Clear Display Buffer."
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This sounds like something that should be filed as a bug, possibly related to duplicating rooms. I'd make a ZIP of the project then file a bug report with YYG and link to it.


Thanks! Just to clarify, the duplication didn't cause it: it was happening in the original room, and then also happened in the copy of that room.