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Windows SOLVED (probably): GMS2 licence


Firstly, thank you to those who helped me figure out what to look for when buying a new PC, especially TsukaYuriko - the comprehensive advice you gave is very much appreciated :) *

Anyway, before it arrives** I'm just checking what I need to do to get GMS2 running on it as quickly as possible, as I get frustrated very easily when things don't go according to plan***

Can I just download GMS2 and then log in using my normal details or will I need to do some kind of licence transfer from my old PC to my new PC?

* also shout-outs to - The Question, kburkhart84 and Sybok. (Yes, I'm sure this footer is completely unnecessary, but I have had a beer or 2 so I'm spreading the love :))
** which won't be for a few weeks - damn you C19
*** probably not a good trait for a budding coder
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(I'll move this to the Tech Support forum as that is where licensing questions belong. :))

Log in to your YoYo account and navigate to the sessions page. This will detail every device and location your license is currently being used from. If this list exceeds more than three devices, you may not be able to log in anymore (as you are allowed to log in on up to three of your devices using a single license). If you didn't log out on your old device, the old session may still be active. If this is preventing you from logging in on your new device, simply remove the old sessions and log in on your new device.