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[SOLVED] Parallax Background doesn't stop when outside of room.


Hi guys, it's me again.
I'm having an issue with my parallax code.
Here is how the hole thing is set up; I have 3 background layers, each one follows at a specified speed my character's x position.

It works fine until I reach the room's boundaries. It moves strangely and it stops only when the character is outside the room. What I want is my "backgrounds" to stop when I my view can't move further to the left, or onto the right. Any idea? I tried with camera_get_view_x but it doesn't work either.
By the way, my Background layer's sprites have tile horizontal checked in.

Thank you for your answers in advance.


Alright, so it seems I am definitely an idiot.
This tutorial helped me, I just didn't see it before some others.
Sorry then!