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iOS (SOLVED)only on ios, there should be approximately 0.28 sec delay between touches or touch wont be recognized

This bug i have encountered only on ios same code works normally on android , there should be approximately 0.28 sec delay between device_mouse_check_button_pressed(0,mb_left) touches or touch wont be recognized "note : same problem occurs in each other devices individually ".

I made a new project with 2 simple objects (obj_creator ,obj_box),

in obj_creator step event :
if device_mouse_check_button_pressed(0 ,mb_left){

var xx = device_mouse_x(0);
var yy = device_mouse_y(0);

instance_create_depth(xx ,yy ,0 ,obj_box);

tested on physical iPhone devices (iphone 7, iphone 11 , ipad pro).

-what happens :
when player taps on the screen an obj_box is created in the mouse x and y position
when the player taps again quickly (in less than 0.28 sec of the first touch ) anywhere on the device screen
no box is created(the touch is not even recognized even when i use device_mouse_check_button(0 ,mb_left)).
where as if the delay between the first and the second touch is more than 0.28 sec everything works fine

where as on android it works fine and all touches are recognized no matter how fast you pressed.
am using gamemaker studio 2 mobile addition IDE v2.3.1.536 runtime v2.3.1.406

i really need a fix for this issue cause my main project use fast touches and its unplayable on ios right now
link of the game:

can any one plz help me on this cause i search alot and played with the codes yet cant find a solution:(