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Question - IDE [SOLVED] Object Gets Destroyed


I have a strange problem. This happen only in one of my projects so I think it's a bug. When I use goto_room, the topmost object on the object list in Game Maker Studio 2 gets destroyed. It doesn't matter which object it is. This isn't on a big problem and can easily be fixed by adding an extra sacrificial object to the maker.


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Add show_error("hold up", false) to any such object's Cleanup event, run the game in Debug mode, and you'll be able to see what destroys the object in the "Call stack" window.
I managed to fix the issue. I have a variable my1 which got set in the creation even to 0 and for some reason that destroyed it. I set it to -1 and now it doesn't get destroyed any more. The error message showed the place. Still not sure why it did that. Memory leak? Thanks for the help.