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[Solved] .net 3.5 on Windows 10: When everything else fails



Disclaimer: Whatever you do, do it at your own risk. I take no responsibility, but I hope this will help you out.

Game Maker might ask for .net 3.5 to run.

There are a bunch of threads on Microsoft forums, stack overflow and other websites on the internet, that contain suggestions on how to install .net 3.5 on Windows 10. Especially when installation returns some kind of error code.
In case nothing of them works do not worry, you were not the first neither you will be the last facing that I suppose.

Here comes the deal.
Most of the forums suggest you to press windows key + R and run appwiz.cpl
From there you can Turn on some windows features.
What do you expect by the words "Turn on windows features " ?
Keep those stuff in mind.

If you select to enable it, Windows will start the installation (download) so make sure you are connected to the internet.
Oh! If this part does not work and return an error, there are suggested solutions like "Download an ISO and then blah blah". That solution did not worked either. There is a reason that this might occur and I am here to try and save you some time.

Instead of trying elevated command prompt as admin and exotic commands people suggest to just fail again, try one thing before. Because I was on a dead end, when I thought of something stupid. It was actually SO stupid, that I overlooked it but I thought I should try it and... it worked.

So we all know Windows update can be irritating.
So some of us might have disabled it. Right?
Well guess what! This is it. That is causing the problem.
Yes, yes I know, .net 3.5 is older that 4.5 that Windows 10 comes with. I know.
But trust me, semantics make no sense here. Forget about "update" as word with a certain meaning.
They have set .net 3.5 to be available for installation, using windows update.
So, you have to enable windows update, or the installation will return an error code.
You can then try the first method (the one that "turns on features" I told you to keep in mind) to let windows automatically download and install it for you.

To enable/diable windows update:
On search, type services and run the app that gives as a result.
Scroll to the bottom.
Find Windows update.
Right click, select properties.
Go to Startup type and choose: Disabled or Automatic

I hope this will save a bunch of headakes to some of our members.