(SOLVED) Need help pausing gestures

Hey people not sure if this is the place to post this help request

invisible boxes are being used so if a player taps one of them the player object will move to that location providing no collision is detected.
(If I should be using gml generated bounding boxes let me know)

I want to pause tap gestures until the player object has moved to its tapped location as I am using different sprite animations and don't want the game to overload.

However I have drag gestures on other objects that I wish to be constantly enabled so the solution can't affect that.


Never think in terms of disabling or overriding user input. Always think in terms of ignoring it.
  • Create a variable in the player object called canMove and set it to true.
  • If you receive a tap, check the player's canMove variable, and if it is true, set it to false and move the player.
  • When the player arrives at the destination, set canMove back to true.
Thank you so much

I would have spent the rest of the week overthinking it looking at alarms etc gotta remember to keep it simple