[SOLVED] MFC/VB6 in GameMaker?

Samuel Venable

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This is a two-part question since both have to do with MFC, (though only the latter has to do with VB6).

1) Can I write a NON-ActiveX DLL and use that as an extension for GameMaker: Studio (using MFC)? I tried doing this and the DLL didn't seem to be recognized by GMS. This could be just because I did something wrong, but I'm not sure, so I'd like some verification.

2) I've been writing a lot of VB6 and C++/MFC ActiveX controls recently. I've got a brief idea of how to use ActiveX controls in GMStudio, (via a DLL), as I'm already doing that with my Microsoft Script Control extension.

Anyway my second question was anyone know what kind of setup compiler GMS1&2 uses and/or how to register ActiveX controls with an associated setup script, for my game installers?

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Samuel Venable

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Is anyone on here familiar at all with the setup installer scripts that GMS uses? Nocturne gave me a useful link but it would be a whole lot easier if someone who had the experience could point me in the right direction. I need to be able to make the installer register ActiveX controls and unregister them on uninstallation, as well as run a third party EXE at the end of installation, (in this case it's the VB5 runtime installer). Thanks!


Might be better of compiling as a zip, extracting, and using something like Install Shield. Admittedly I haven't had a huge amount to do with installers though.

Samuel Venable

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Thanks for the suggestion. :)

Although, fortunately I figured out how to do it with GMStudio's installer format, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to publish my update as soon as I did.

I'll mark this topic as solved.