GMS 2 [SOLVED] Manually Setting Layer for Instance

Hi, there's a GMS2 bug which I am dealing with here. Here is the thread where this originated from. It's a year old so you can imagine I'm a bit peeved that it still hasn't been fixed either... Basically, when moving a persistent object between rooms, its layer value gets assigned to -1 (a depth layer) instead of it finding the layer of the matching depth. Which means instance_create_layer(x, y, layer, obj_whatever) doesn't work at all.

Supposedly I should be able to manually set the layer using this code, and work around the bug:
layer = layer_get_id("Instances");
But I can't get this to work. It still says -1, and the create code still won't work. It doesn't change the layer at all. I tried it in the room start even and now it's in the step event and it does nothing.

EDIT: Um... okay.

The documentation for layer_get_id says:
"Note that if you give the name of a layer that does not exist in the current room, then you will get an error and the project will crash." But then, it says that it will output:
"Layer ID Value (Real), or -1 if the layer specified doesn't exist"

So if it doesn't exit, it outputs -1? Or it crashes? Or what? I tested and it outputs -1, which may be my problem, but it seems like it should crash.

EDIT AGAIN: Solved this. It was dumb: I was just displaying the layer of the wrong object.

However, the persistent object changing room issue and the strange bit in the documentation still stand as things to have noted.
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