GMS 2 Solved, Jumping problem



Hi I'm new to Gamemaker studio 2 and forums

I'm currently working on drag and drop games (can't do programming for my games yet) for my college class and I've been struggling for a time with figuring out how to get jumping and random spawning of enemies going from directly from top to the floor in a platformer

1. Jumping, so far I have:

W (pressed down) --> Jump to point (x = 0, y = 5) --> gravity set (0.1)

this allows me to jump once but after that my character gets stuck on the collide system with the block I have

I have changed the collision system around a lot between my character and the blocks but I'm unable to really make a difference with it.

Any help on this would be appreciated :)


Check to see if you have character sprites that are different sizes. If you have a landing or walking sprite that is a different size than your jumping sprite you may get stuck.

Make all the character's bounding boxes the same size, or use one sprite as a collision mask for everything.
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Thank you very much for the help :), it turns out properly making a character to jump in DnD is messy business, I tried using a universal collision originally but it unfortunately didn't work, I'm going to use GML (I got permission) so it's no longer a concern. Thank you again :)