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Mac OSX [SOLVED?] "Image" And Other Common Toolbar Entries


Hey there,

I am told by general searching around on Google that the Sprite Editor should have a toolbar entry called "Image", which contains stuff like "flip sprite". However, as you can see in my screenshot, this toolbar entry doesn't exist for me on macOS. I'm running Catalina (10.15.2).

Screenshot 2019-12-26 at 21.41.10.png

The toolbar you see here never changes under any circumstances.

How do I access the "Image" and any other toolbar entry commonly available on Windows?

Thanks for your help,



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GMC Elder
Tried it out (running GMS2 on windows) and the toolbars only pop up when you open up the image editor (which you are in your screenshot). Perhaps there's some integration issue where MacOS doesn't allow dynamically changing the toolbar?


Oh. Strange. I just closed the image editor and opened a new one because I was working, and now I have a working toolbar.

Yeah Yal, that appears to be the intended functionality. I guess I'll just close and re-open the editor a bunch of times if I run into the issue in the future.