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Linux [SOLVED] I'm totally noob at linux but want to try ubuntu export. I simply can't connect.


Hi, I just installed ubuntu as dual boot on a laptop and followed the instructions from the ubuntu guide to make the connection with a windows 10 desktop and GameMaker Studio 2 v.

Installed all the dependencies and configured the target settings fields on GMS2 but when I press the "Test Connection" button, it always fails with a "Connection Failed" message. I can't figure out what is happening, both devices are on the same wifi network. Does anyone can help me out, I will appreciate it a lot. Thanks.


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if the error is connection failed
make sure you put the ip, username and password in correctly
for the device runing linux


And the IP address? What is the machine's local IP address and is it the one you specified to connect to?

Check linux IP address w/ the command:

If the command doesn't exist you can install it w/
sudo apt install net-tools

It should be something like


I double checked so many times the username and password and they are correct. :-(
Have you checked if you can connect from your windows box to the linux laptop without GMS? Like trying manually what GMS tries to do, just to be sure the connection works in the first place.


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M... I don't know how to do that.
If you haven't already, you should install Git, it comes with the Bash command shell and a basic set of UNIX standard library command line tools. Then you can just right-click on the desktop or any Explorer window to bring up a Bash shell whenever you want. (Git itself is a "version control" tool which is useful for cloud backups, reverting accidental damage, testing alternate versions of a code with an easy way to ditch it if it doesn't turn out well, and working in teams, so you should learn to use that as well, but let's keep this at the command line environment for now)
(if you want to get more serious you could consider installing Cygwin instead for a full UNIX environment, but it's more complicated to set up)

ssh username@computer_network_name (run in a bash shell Windows-side) to start a simple remote connection would be a start, you'll log in with your Linux computer's password. (SSH is short for "Secure SHell", a type of remote connection)

If it fails, you could get some info in the error message. For instance, if the connection times out, the ssh daemon (=the background app that handles ssh connections) might not be running Linux-side, so try running systemctl start sshd on your Linux machine.


Thank so much to you for all your help and suggestions, I haven't met a community so supportive than this, I'm used to wait for weeks and even months to get help on another forums but yoyogames people is just amazing. In a matter of hours I got help and that's really appreciated. I didn't quite followed your suggestions but somehow it got fixed, the thing that I've done was just connect one pc to the 5G band of my router and the other pc to the 2G band and magically they can finally ping each other and when I press the "Test Connection" button on GMS 2 it finally succeed. I'm now able to test my games on Linux. So, for now, I will stick on this solution.