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Android / Amazon Fire [SOLVED] If I buy the gms2 mobile licence, will I get the desktop licence as well?

If I buy the gms2 mobile license, will I get the desktop license as well? And if not do I just buy them separately?

EDIT: Also unless I select "Buy as Gift" it doesn't let me proceed. ( I don't know what buying as a gift does. )

Thank you for any help with this
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You don't need to buy it as a gift, and that shouldn't be the only available option. I'm unsure why you wouldn't be able to buy it normally - probably technical difficulties - but let's say, if buying it as a gift is the only option you have (which will send you a link or voucher code that can be redeemed by anyone, not only the person who purchased it), you can do that and then redeem the gift yourself. That's just about the most roundabout way of purchasing a license, but hey, it works.