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Windows [SOLVED] I just bought GMS 2 and first compile detected Virus

I use F-Secure, and the big problem is, not that I can't exclude local and roaming folders, but when I drag the compiled .exe out of the .zip compiled package, F-Secure (one of the best virus protection companies out there) detected the .exe as a trojan.

* If F-Secure detects compiled .exe's as trojans, then so would many computers that potential customer's/gamer's use. *


It's likely a false positive.

False positive's have been reported by many Anti-Virus software over the years. In a few days or so it will be brought to the attention of F-Secure and their Virus signature file will be updated and the false positive resolved.


Oh it's totally a false positive, but how will F-Secure know in a few days or so?
Virus scanners traditionaly work by comparing files to a list of files, and if the scanned file matches what is in the database it's detected as a virus. This is what your definition files are.

Some try to head off threats by also flagging completely unknown/alien files on the side of caution.

So it will detect it as a virus if it's listed in the definition files or it just plain can't identify the file period.

So by telling F-Secure they can add the previously unknown program to their white list.

I commonly get false positives with beta software. The most recent was the beta for Affinity Designer.
Awesome last 2 answers, thank you!

I've submitted it to F-Secure, and gave them some details about it, that will hopefully take care of their virus definition list, of course there's always concerns about other virus protection out there, it should hopefully get panned out over time, since the world is going to find out about ZEUS :D