Design [solved]How should I go about this?


The last few days I have been creating the code for my game which is planned to be primarily a plat former along with a base to defend/upgrade(tower defense) and also with an unknown amount of idle mechanics.

My game would be a mix of Terraria/swords souls/clicker heroes/rpgelements, 2d visuals and other that resemble those.

I currently have tile based collision coded in and looked into the sloped collision checking and that seems a little to advanced for the game that I am going for. I would like to add slopes and such to my game for better terrain visuals but, found myself questioning it.

The questions:
1. Since the tiles for collision need to be bigger then your character, does this mean that they need to be bigger than your enemies too? What happens if Im doing tile based collision checking and I have a boss that is 10x the size of the player?

2. I don't want enormous tiles in my game. I'd like them to be detailed enough to see the detail but, not overly big.

3. What is the actual difference between tile base collision and object based collision. If I have an enormous game, lets say its Terraria for example. Does this mean the game will have huge requirements to run if i'm using object based collision compared to tile based collision?

4. Should I even worry about this stuff?

My goal for the game is to have a lot of stuff added to it. I'm a beginner at code and i am testing the waters of game developing. I believe I am able to create a fairly large game in terms of items, enemies, upgrades, levels and so forth. I like to think i'm smewhat decent at terrain,item and structure visual designing but, lack in character modeling. I'd like to keep on adding to it over time once I release.

1. Hundreds or more weapons with various visuals and such.
2. A fairly large base to defend, upgrade, and the typical things you do in a game with a base.
3. Many locations to discover, explore and conquer.
4. An elaborate score system for scores, money, kills, and all that good stuff.
5. Many enemies on screen at once.
6. Big bosses of all shapes and sizes.
7. planned to have a very extensive and elaborate upgrade system for weapons, ammo, armor, etc.
8. Would like the game to be endless in terms of game play wise.
8. The more I can code into the game the better.

Essentially it will have elements from other platpormer, towerdefense, idle games but, with more..or atleast planned to have more.

I don't have much knowledge on the capabilities, limits and so forth when it comes to gms2.

My question for you would be, What do you recommend. That would be easy/quick for a one man team that wouldn't give me issues down the road.

I would like to keep all platforms in mind but, Ideally i would like to release to steam,windows,and html 5.

P.S. I have a deletion issue while typing this so, forgive my missing letters and joined words. I can't change the "have" to "had" due to the deletion issue. I don't hat I did. :)

Thank you.