GMC Forums [SOLVED] How do I know the Forum Time is the same as my Computer Time?


Like when you see "posted at 9:30 PM" for example, is there a way I can check the CURRENT time on the GMC, so I can make sure it's in line with my computer?

Also is this the right place to ask general questions like this?


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Post a status update, then check the timestamp... :)

I'm not aware of a timer being displayed anywhere on the community. I don't particularly think it's needed, either, as the GMC is most likely synchronized to the same time server network as your devices are.
Most likely your own system timezone, otherwise "posted 59 minutes ago" would make no sense if it's followed by someone else's time zone to display the full date and time.
Just look at the timezone that you have selected in your Preferences on the forum, and then check that it matches the timezone that is set on your pc. If they are different, then just make sure that they are both set to your correct timezone. It should be that simple.


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Just so's ya knows, the little "A moment ago" or "50 minutes ago" or whatnot text? Mouseover that, and it'll tell you the real time (relative to you) it was posted. $:^ ]

I hope this helps!