Legacy GM [SOLVED]Help with camera views GMS 1.4


Using GameMakerStudio 1.4

Hey! Currently making a 2D side scroller and I'm having a little bit of trouble with the camera. I'm using a custom camera that I followed from a tutorial. It's supposed to make it smooth and things like that.
Here's the tutorial if anyone wants it.

Anyways here's my problem. I have 2 rooms. The player starts off in the first room and can transition to the second room if they keep walking right and hit the wall. But this is when things start to get messed up. When the player is in the second room and they walk BACK to the first room. The camera starts all the way at the beginning of the first room and continues to scroll right and eventually comes to a stop when it sees the player. I tried a few things to make it start on the right side of the screen were the player is but nothing worked.

Here's the code for the camera and additional information as well.

///Main Camera Code
var spd = 0.05;
x += (Player.x - x) * spd;
y += (Player.y - y) * spd;

instance_create(Player.x, Player.y, obj_camera);

Additional Information

First Room:
Width - 2656
Height - 480
Speed - 30

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If anyone knows how to solve this issue, let me know! Thanks!