[Solved] Help. I need help with a script.

Help! I need to get a script done by tonight. I'm in a school club where I have to make a video game.
Well, anyway. I have to have 3 levels on my game. It's a game where to click on objects that fall from the sky and you get points. (Stored in a variable name your_score)
So, I tried to make a script that gets you to a room after you get your_score to 100
This is the script that I tried

if (global.your_score >= 100)

it didn't work...

I'm not really good at GML. please help me


That code should work as long as you're increasing the global variable properly.

Show your code to increase the score and where are you putting the previous code?
Event: Blue_Left Released_1

image_speed = 0.5;
global.your_score += 2;
audio_play_sound(burst, 10, false);

I am putting the first code in a object only being used for that

and the code I just said on this comment is in every object that falls from the sky.