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Steam [solved] Help - getting the game on Steam


Aleksandar Gavrilovic

Long story short: I followed the tutorial on how to put a game on Steam and there are no steps that last longer than 2-3 seconds so I am confused, where did I miss the step where my huge 600mb game is being uploaded to the Steam servers? Did I make a mistake somewhere or is the upload done in another way?

Any help on why my Steam connection is not working would be appreciated :)


And now for a longer explanation... I followed the steps from here:

- I went to my app page on Steam and checked my AppID (550990) and depot id (550991)
- I have downloaded and extracted the Steam SDK locally in C:\steamworks\sdk135a
- It is connected to GM:S preferences and the correct App ID (550990) is set and ticked in the Game Options
- I pressed play in GM:S and the game works
- I ran steamcmd.exe from the builder folder
- I waited for the console to finish downloading and extracting and then exited the Steam console
- I went to the content/scripts folder and renamed the two scripts to app_build_550990 and depot_build_550991
- I changed two lines in the app_build_550990 file:
- "appid" "550990"
- "550991" "depot_build_550991.vdf"
- I changed two lines in the depot_build_550991 file:
- "DepotID" "550991"
- "ContentRoot" "C:\steamworks\sdk135a\tools\ContentBuilder\content"
- "LocalPath" ".\windows" (this will be the folder for my game with the windows executables etc)
- I exported the game as compressed zip and uncompressed it in \tools\ContentBuilder\content
- I opened the run_build.bat in tools/Content builder and changed the line to:
builder\steamcmd.exe +login myuser mypass +run_app_build_http ..\scripts\app_build_550990.vdf +quit
- I executed the bat and it ran for about 3-4 seconds (building file mapping, scanning content, uploading content) and then it shut down after saying:
"[2017-02-27 11:22:45]: Successfully finished appID 550990 build (BuildID 1658429).

This was odd to me because I thought this was going to upload the game itself which is 600MB big, so how could it be done in a few seconds? I tried a few more times but it always finished in a couple of seconds...

- Next, I went to the steamworks website and clicked "builds" where it lists all the builds I uploaded
- I selected the latest build and selected the "default" app branch for it (the only app branch available)
- The website asked me if I wanted this branch to go live and I said yes.

So in short I have 1 available app branch (default), several builds I uploaded (latest one is set to the "default" branch) and the app build history has this line:
Feb 27, 2017 @ 2:25am Set live BuildID 1658426 for branch "default", description "trying to make windows build work"

So now I've reached the end of the tutorial (and at no point was there a long upload process :/)
The tutorial said: "Once all of this has been completed, if you run your compiled executable that you just uploaded to Steam, it will now attempt to restart your application and run it under Steam"

- I pressed play on my game (in the /content/windows folder) and the prompt asked me to login to Steam
- I logged in to the same account and the Steam installation started
- When I try to open the game (by using a desktop shortcut or the PLAY button in the Library) it says: "Failed to start the game (invalid app configuration)"
- When I go to the install folder (in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common), it only has an empty folder called "EmptySteamDepot"

Please help :)

Aleksandar Gavrilovic

Solved !!!
For other people with the same problem:
instead of \windows one has to put \windows\* to reference all the files inside, otherwise it's 0 files :)
Also, I used a full path just to be sure.

Aleksandar Gavrilovic

New problem has arised, help again needed.
So now the game can be installed over Steam and it downloads all the files in the Steam common folder, but the same error appears when I click PLAY (or click on the game exe in the steamapps/common folder) - it says "Failed to start the game (invalid app configuration)"

Anyone know what I might be missing?

Aleksandar Gavrilovic

I solved it - after all the steps in the tutorial, you have to "Publish" your changes in the Steamworks website, not just "Save" them!


Solved !!!
For other people with the same problem:
instead of \windows one has to put \windows\* to reference all the files inside, otherwise it's 0 files :)
Also, I used a full path just to be sure.
thanks, friend! I had exactly the same problem, but now my content is uploading :)
I solved it - after all the steps in the tutorial, you have to "Publish" your changes in the Steamworks website, not just "Save" them!
Just wanted to say a huge thanks! I've been going mad for the past 3 hours, panicing over "(Invalid app configuration)" and now I read your post and did what you did, and not it works just find. So many thanks!! :D


late to this thread but it was really helpful for me. Now I have an issue, the game is uploaded to steam but in testing it wont download. When I install it and try and play it, it says exe is missing. The folder made for the game in the steamapps/common folder is empty. If I drag the files into there, it works and plays through steam. Any ideas on why steam isn't downloading it?


I have the same problem

I try to upload my app on steam

My game is in the directory

I indicated the STEAM identifier in my project, I checked the steam box and I indicated the path of the Steam Kit
I created the 1735854 repository in my steam account and published it

I obtain this error

Building file mapping...
Scanning content......................................................................................
Updating local CS...................................................................
Uploading content
[2021-08-25 14:21:06]: ERROR! Failed to commit build for AppID 1212121 : Invalid Parameter

My config file here :

"AppID" "1212121" // Your AppID
"Desc" "Your build description here" // internal description for this build
"Preview" "0" // make this a preview build only, nothing is uploaded
"Local" "..\..\ContentServer\htdocs" // put content on local content server instead of uploading to Steam
"SetLive" "AlphaTest" // set this build live on beta branch AlphaTest
"ContentRoot" "..\content\" // content root folder relative to this script file
"BuildOutput" "D:\build_output\" // put build cache and log files on different drive for better performance
"1735854" "depot_build_1735854.vdf"
// file mapping instructions for each depot are in separate script files
//"1001" "depot_build_1001.vdf"
//"1002" "depot_build_1002.vdf"

// Set your assigned depot ID here
"DepotID" "1735854"

// include all files recursivley
// This can be a full path, or a path relative to ContentRoot
"LocalPath" "Windows\*"

// This is a path relative to the install folder of your game
"DepotPath" "."

// If LocalPath contains wildcards, setting this means that all
// matching files within subdirectories of LocalPath will also
// be included.
"Recursive" "1"

Do you have a idea please ?



Perhaps your not aware but this question was posted back in 2017 for an older version than current. Also it says in the title "SOLVED" which would mean none will probably look at it in the first place. With all of the recent changes your better off asking the question yourself. Hijacking someone else's thread might not get you anywhere. If your using Studio 2 it should be in the programming not legacy.