Legacy GM [Solved] Graphics Worsen After Changing Rooms

Hey guys, I'm making a shmup that, so far, really only has one level. I recently made a title screen, but when I use the Change Room or Next Room action, the sprites for the one level's objects are in a lower resolution compared to how they look when I have the level play as the game starts.

Does anyone know what causes it? Most of the game is made with drag and drop. If screenshots or more info is needed, let me know.
The game sizes the application_surface based on the first room of the game. If you first room is of a different size than later rooms, the game will be scaled up or down automatically.

You either need to make the first room the same size as the rest of your rooms, or resize the application surface as necessary.

Or it could be the camera setup/viewport settings as @TsukaYuriko said.