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Windows [Solved] GMS2 - nothing showing after compile


I am a GMS1 veteran, but this is my first time loading GMS2.

I created a simple object in a room with a circle sprite. Object is in the room, draw event is just draw_self(), sprite is assigned. I hit run, it compiles and then I only see a blank background. I double checked that the code is running with console output, and everything is executing without errors.

I downloaded a demo project, the room shows a background sprite, but when I run that project I only see a blank background (color will match the room basic background).

I did get an anti-virus message about igor.exe, but after reinstalling I was never able to re-create the message.

I've tried re-installing and restarting. Is there something more I should be doing?

Edit: I see the giant sticky thread..... >_>
Although the fix suggested did not work for me, changing the directory locations from protected folders did the trick.
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