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Question - D&D [SOLVED] GMS2 and Vector/SVG

I searched around a bit but couldn't find anything.

Any word of if GMS2 supports .svg? Also if it doesn't, does it at least continue support for swf like gms1.4?

If it does, is there anywhere I can read all about it?

"and while they are a rough order"

and then 3 from the bottom...

"Import SVG graphics"

dang so it's likely I won't be able to import SVG until Nov/Dec if I buy GMS2. Oh well.


If there is anyplace to show support for getting this particular feature implemented with higher priority, then sign me up. I think .svg support would be REALLY useful.


Sorry to bring up this old post again. But SVG files don't currently seem to be on the roadmap. It would be an absolutely huge help to get some SVG support in GMS2. Adobe is just too costly for some folk, and it would mean we'd be able to implement more affordable products such as Affinity when learning to make games in GMS2.