Linux [Solved] GMS 1.4.x Compiling to Ubuntu Failed - bits/c++config.h not found on Ubuntu 18.04.1


I followed the guide for setting up Ubuntu here:

I also did the steps for setting up Ubuntu 16.04 for GMS 2.x (I'm using 1.4.x). My desktop system however is running the slightly newer Ubuntu 18.04. When I installed the software nothing was missing from 18.04, all the software from both guides installed just fine with no errors.

When I try to create an Ubuntu YYC .deb file I'm getting an error that suggests:


is not found. I also have the build-essential package installed (not mentioned by the articles, but worth mentioning here). Any ideas?
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I was able to bypass this error by installing


on the Ubuntu 18.04 system, however I now have 2 new errors that I don't think I'll be able to resolve since my 64bit 18.04.x doesn't have i386 versions of the library. I suppose I could find a hack-y way of installing and symbolically linking to the system, but I think I'll just set up another laptop with the now very old Ubuntu 14.04 and redo the setup (my Xubuntu or Lubuntu 14.04).