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Discussion [SOLVED] GameMaker in-game sprite creator issue

If say I've drawn an image and want to flip said image horizontally, we'd use the select tool to select the entire image, copy it, select the flip horizontal tool, right-click to erase image and left click to insert mirrored image.

At least that's the only efficient way I've found to go about it.

Is there a way to simply just click on the mirror tools or rotation tools and it just applies it to that whole frame?

I find this so tedious, especially when I have multiple layers per frame, because I have to do the above sequence per layer per frame in an animation sprite. Most of the time this is to redraw a player position from right to left.

Is this the only way or is there a better way that I haven't discovered on my own?
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Just found out a better way to do this. Such a numpty!

For anyone reading this for am answer to the same issue...


Wish I found this 2 months ago!! ha