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Windows [SOLVED] Game Maker 8 crashes when I try to open a certain project file..

Title is quite self-explanatory.
When I try to open a certain project file, my gm8 crashes (Not Responding).
I read something about the file size of the .gmk. Also I read about the build version of the game maker. And also I read about bugs on the 64bit version of an OS. I use the windows 7 64bit version...
All the other projects seem to be working... I spent a lot of time on this project and would really like to continue on it.

Any experiences like these? :/
I'm clueless and desperate.

Thanks in advance


I had problems like this in the past and then I solved them some time later when I discovered LateralGM, which can load and save GameMaker games and sometimes even restore corrupt ones. http://lateralgm.org/download.php

I hope you'll be able to get your project back. Make sure you make enough backups next time, or use Dropbox (which lets you go back to previous revisions of a file) or even BitBucket. :)