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Windows [SOLVED] FPS Drop/Stuttering On Start Of Animations



Hey everyone, just downloaded the Beta and really liking the new changes, esp the extra performance! However, I just want to check...

When I have an animation that is larger than 128x128px, doesn't matter how many frames I have but it always lags or stutters when it begins playing for the first time, but after that, even when i stop and play again, it is totally fine.
I recreated the exact scene in GMS1 and there are no issues at all.

Below are comparison.

http://imgur.com/a/O7iCO [/IMG]

Is it because of this trial limitation?
Sprites - (no dynamic loading permitted)

or is this an actual bug? or is there a new addition to the gms workflow I need to know about?



YoYo Games Staff
YYG Staff
I suspect that that you are seeing the initial texture upload happening (same as 1.x with the Create Textures On Demand option, which is now the default) use the sprite_prefetch() and sprite_prefetch_multi() which allow you to hide the texture upload.