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Android [SOLVED] Clarity on Required SDK


Hey guys, I am able to get builds working, I just want to ensure that I interpreting this the correct way. On the Required SDK page it says the following:
  • Android SDK Tools 28.0.0
I find this terminology a little misleading, as the Setting Up For Android documentation doesn't define this term.

The reason I find it unclear is because Android SDK Tools is a term directly used in Android Studio (point 3), however, I know that the highest release is 26.1.1 (therefore isn't what is being referred to).

Point 2, Android SDK-Platform Tools does reach 28.0.0, however I believe this is related to communicating with the device, and is never really covered in the Setting Up For Android guide.

So that leaves point 1, Android SDK Build-Tools which I believe the term is referring to.

I would just like confirmation that "Android SDK Tools 28.0.0" is referring to the Build Tools and accompanying Support Library.




it's number 1, android sdk build tools
Thanks for the confirmation. I did say that in the Setting Up For Android documentation they don't use the term but I was mistaken, and it is referring to my "point 1". Thanks.