SOLVED (Solved) Character ~ of ~?

Acid Reflvx

I've made an editor for a game, and I'm trying to figure out a way to save all of the object's info -- x, y, image frame, etc -- and store the information for when you load it back up. My problem is, saving the game (I'm using get_save_filename right now, and then game_save) with the easiest function isn't going to go well when I update the game's editor in the future.
So on Scratch I've encountered and used countlessly this block:
It's great for packing up information in one variable, and then taking certain parts of the variable out and checking them.
[ Set [example] to (join ((example) (letter (number) of (example2) ) ) ]
So what I'd like to do is whenever a new object is made, it will take the x, y, image frame, etc, and pack it into a variable (looking like xyframe: 00000(x)000(y)01(frame): 0000000001) that can be saved to the device and opened later, to then be scanned for how many objects there were, and their information, so all the objects can be recreated exactly as they were before.

So, to get to the bottom of my question: Is there a 1619484279553.png in GameMaker language? If there is, please show me the code.
(PS: I know about DS Maps, but I'm still getting my grip on them. Also, I've been thinking about this function for ages!)