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Linux [Solved] Cannot Connect to Remote Ubuntu Client.




I have started to try building my GM game in Ubuntu. The whole build prosess seems to run normally until I get this error.

"WARNING: Unable to connect to remote client"

And then the build ends. The folder on the target laptop does have to assets but It does not run.

The Compiler is YYC and the Ubuntu Version is 16.04.3 (As this is the Latest LTS)

Any guidance would be appreciated.


Darn it I was hoping to avoid 14.04 as it is still on the 4.4 Kernel.

My Acer Swift does not preform well on anything below 4.9.

I will give it a shot and see what happens. If worst comes to worst I will just run a VM.

UPDATE: So it seems the issue is with the YYC. I tried VM instead and it works. I know 14.04.5 is not supported but my Laptop can't run on a 4.4 Kernel so Until I find a laptop that can run 14.04.5 I will have to stay on 16.04.3

Keep up the great work what you provide to us Devs is invaluable.
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