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Question - IDE [Solved] Auto-Tileset not working.

I made an extremely simple tile set to use in a 16 auto tile set. It is 16x16 pixels. However, as soon as I choose a tile to use in the second slot, it turns red. After it's finished, it won't work at all in the room. There doesn't seem to be anything telling me what's wrong, and I checked everything I could think of. Please help me make this actually work.

GameMakerStudio 0197.jpg GameMakerStudio 0198.jpg GameMakerStudio 0199.jpg

Thanks a bunch.
You are using the special 0-tile that is always empty. That's why it's turning red and why you can't autotile with it.
If you start autotiling with this set, it's actually just erasing everywhere (because it's trying to paint with a tile that is 'full' of empty pixels.
You can see this behaviour by filling the tile layer manually with some normal tiles from the normal tileset and then trying to autotile over it.
And because it's just painting empty, all the other tiles don't kick in, simply because there's nothing for them to attach to
Solution: edit your sprite and add the actual tile for the first slot


Of course. I remembered that I had to do that, but for some reason I thought that the first slot was to specify the corner, which is ridiculous. Thanks.
Yeah, that's a confusing thing. The Tileset reserves that cell and you have to leave it empty. But when applying tiles from your tileset to the auto tile template, it seems like it doesn't like you to actually use that cell. It's weird and confusing and I'm not sure I completely understand it still. I've gotten auto tile to work with 16 and 47 tile templates, so I know I'm using it right, but there are still parts about it that I'm not sure about.


The first Cell represents a completly filled cell like the centre of a 9x9 brush for grass. So there is no dependency between the transparent corner and the first cell.