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Android [SOLVED] Asking for help to get app working on Google Store

Hi Gamemakers!
I am a novice when it comes to game making. I was soo happy when I completed my first game, but now I am in the dark.
I can't get my app to work on Google play store.
I am doing internal testing on Google play console and when I install it to test it on my device, my app is stuck on splash screen. I also get "Header too long" crash error in pre_launch report.
I did a lot of searching on the net but could not find anything related to Gamemaker.

Here is some info. I use GMS runtime
my game size is 246MB
It works perfectly fine when testing APK on several devices.

I used Google APK extension and included the licensing key.
I uploaded .aab file to Google.
When app was approved, I tried to run it on a device and it is stuck on splash screen.
I tried to use .apk upload, I tried to zip both files into one, tried separately ... it does not accept it. I get either " upload at least one base .apk" or " sandbox android manifest error".
Is there a problem with .aab file? How can I upload two apk file that GMS makes ?

What am I doing wrong?


Our .aab is not that big, only 65MB.
Hmm...have you activated "Android App Bundle" on Google Play Console?
I think you can only upload .aab after you activate "Android App Bundle", otherwise only apk.
I don't know how, but can you somehow check your signing keystore in GMS, if it is ok?
Maybe "Header too long" is related to your keystore.
Unfortunately I dont know how to check the keystore signing errors
What I noticed is this ... i click "install" from google store, it says downloading 6mb file size. I open the app, then go to my phone settings and check the storage app size and it is consistently stuck at 34 mb...
is there an issue with my code that stalls the rest of the download?
The app signing key on google console is different from the one I have in platform settings...can I change it to the one on console?


Unfortunatelly I missed to document this when I did it on Google Play Console.
Here is some documentation on Google Play:

I checked, my SHA-1 certificate fingerpring in GMS is the same as the one on the Google Play Console:


I remember now using Google's PEPK tool to export my certificate from my keystore (GMS) and to upload it then to Google Play Console.
I found something on stackoverflow, I did it like that:
(Google recently redesigned the whole Console, so in this stackoverflow posting it is the old Console)


I guess you already have your keystore set in your Android preferences, so in that case you can skip the step of creating a new keystore. Then you just use PEPK tool with your keystore to export the certificate.
Thank you so much for your responses! Tornado, thank you so much for taking the time and even attaching screenshots! Wow, you are so kind! Thank you!
Chirpy, you are 100% correct! I uploaded .apk instead of .aab and everything worked. I was confused by google requirement to upload .aab
Aab bundle is not compatible with expansion files, it was the culprit! I did manage to get the app in the store and it is now working fine.
Thank you again


Ah ok, I never used expansions, I just read now a little bit about it.
Nice if it works now for you!

I think you already know this, but I'll post it anyway just in case:

They say "new apps", but keep an eye on it anyway, so if needed that you can do transition to aab and this new "Play Asset Delivery" in time.