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Discussion in 'Work in Progress' started by Kanugane, Nov 15, 2019.

  1. Kanugane

    Kanugane Member

    Sep 20, 2018
    Platform: Windows
    Genre: Sci-fi, Bullet hell
    Current state: Early Alpha


    A space-shooter game with battle mechanics done in the most classic way with improvements and additions added at every corner. This is a demo-version, mainly focused on improving and polishing out combat mechanics and more.

    There is no story right now, but Arcade mode is available for you to try and achieve your most highest score! This is also a nice playground to which new content will arrive first: Enemy ships, bosses, player ships and more!

    • Arcade mode available.
    • Two player ships.
    • Upgrade your ships and unlock modules!
    • Three difficulties.
    • Tutorial available.
    • One boss available.
    • Over 8 enemy types. Four of which belong to Green faction.


    Build 1.7:

    I have rather ambitious plans for what may look like a small and simple game like this!
    Career mode - You will appear on one of the stations as a pilot cadet and after a small introduction quest, your hands will be untied. As a player, you will be able to travel between stations, accept missions, hunt for resources and earn the money your way to obtain the ship of your dream. There are more plans for this, but one step at the time...

    Story mode - Main focus of this game. Following Ashley's life, you will experience a rather emotional and dark story of a person, who has faced a chain of events, both happy and tragic and witness how these events may change one soul into something entirely different.

    After months of developing this fun project, I've finally got my guts together to make it public. Right now, I believe it is in a playable state with as less bugs present as possible (there are a few annoying bugs but they don't break the gameplay...) and I would love to receive some feedback from you.

    Thank you in advance!

    27/11/2019 - Build 1.7
    • Added new custom music to main menu.
    • Asteroids will not appear on Pool_1 any longer.
    • Removed delay between new enemy wave and Asteroid field end.
    • Fixed a bug caused by Star spawner object.
    • Updated background for both main menu and arcade mode.
    • Adjusted speed of the ships per difficulty selection.
    • Adjusted spawn chance of special ships at Pool_1.
    • Changed the way SFX works for player weapons.
    23/11/2019 - Build 1.6a
    • Fixed a bug which would cause a crash if you try to start a tutorial.
    • Music has been removed from tutorial.
    • Non-custom music has been removed.
    • Speed of enemy ships has been reduced a little bit.
    • Fixed a critical bug which would cause the game to freeze once the music ends.

    23/11/2019 - Build 1.6
    • Fixed a bug, where option 'Shop on start' would cause Shop not to appear when it is required.
    • Added localization structure for future multi-language support.
    • Fixed another bug with checkpoints. Checkpoints now should work as intended.
    • Added Asteroids to Arcade game.
    • Added Ship info tab to Main menu.
    • Added difference for ships' End Stats. Ships no longer end with 10 Hull, Armor and Shields after all upgrades. Each ship has individual cap.
    • Updated Ship info tab with more information and graphics.
    • Added minor visual effects for Player ships.
    • Adjusted spawn chance of Asteroids for each Pool.
    • Added thruster sprites to some enemy ships.
    22/11/2019 - Build 1.5a
    • Fixed a bug, where after two deaths, if checkpoint selected, stats would not be saved.
    • Fixed a bug, where stats would not be displayed during pause.
    21/11/2019 - Build 1.5
    • Updated main menu with simplistic space_station front BG.
    • Add firefight scene to main menu BG.
    • Options tab updated - Players can now select WASD or Arrows for movement.
    • Options tab updated - Players can now mute or unmute music.
    • Added information tab for Pilots.
    • Added placeholder sound to main menu.
    • Additional checkpoint fixes.
    20/11/2019 - Build 1.4a
    • Fixed a bug, where after restart with checkpoint selected, levels would be messed up.
    • Fixed a bug, where weapon load would not be saved at checkpoints.
    20/11/2019 - Build 1.4
    • Added Announcements.
    • Fixed a bug, where dialog would become misaligned upon switch to Full Screen mode.
    • Added loot pickup sound, whenever player picks up loot, duh.
    • Added click sound for buttons at main menu.
    • Added Kim character to main menu. Uncolored. WIP.
    • Added a minor glow effect for enemy lasers.
    • Added a minor glow effect for player lasers.
    • Changed dialog font to support fullscreen view better.
    • Fixed a bug. If a 'Shop on start' is selected, it won't appear upon level restart.
    • Placeholder music has been changed to a different one. Still a placeholder music!
    • Added checkpoints to Arcade mode as an option.
    • Player stats are saved after boss has been defeated and Blitz shop has been closed.
    18/11/2019 - Build 1.3
    • Added armor repair kit.
    • Updated sprites for armor and hull repair kits.
    • Added minor animation to armor and repair kits.
    • Added new enemy ship for Green faction - Crusader MK1.
    • Fixed a bug, where armor repair kit would go over the cap upon collection.
    • Added rotation effect to repair kits.
    • Added new player ship - Viper.
    • Viper has initially more shields but less hull and armor.
    • Viper has only single cannon but its initial damage is 2.
    • Viper's power mode - reflective shield.
    • Added ship selection in Arcade tab.
    • Fixed a bug, where music would lay on each other during level restart.
    • Added Welcome screen.
    • Welcome screen now contains current game build and status.
    • Background is slightly adjusted. It's now more darker. We've lost some stars too.
    16/11/2019 - Build 1.2
    • Adjusted waiting time for tutorial stages.
    • Starting dialog for Arcade is back.
    • Area limitation has been changed:
    • Borders are highlighted only when player is close to them.
    • Added difficulty system for arcade mode.
    • Currently difficulty only changes enemy ship stats.
    • Rewards are also affected by difficulty.
    • Fixed game glitch that appears upon pressing ESC key during Pause.
    • Removed ability to restart room. You can only restart room if you are dead.
    • Added new ship - Minespawner.
    • Minespawner appears on Pool_3+ and delivers mines as it passes by.
    15/11/2019 - Build 1.1
    • Enemy drones will no longer spawn during shop menu in arcade mode.
    • Fixed - Mines now spawn again.
    • Added Exit button to Arcade tab.
    • Added a simplified tutorial.
    • Added dialog font.
    • Adjusted dialog x, y pos and spacing between lines.
    15-11-2019 - Build 1.0
    • Game has reached an early stage playable status.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2019
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  2. Kanugane

    Kanugane Member

    Sep 20, 2018
    Game has received multiple updates, bug fixes and improvements.
    Main thread has been updated with new screenshots that showcase current build of the game. Finally, I've also updated main thread and made it more clean and short.
  3. Kanugane

    Kanugane Member

    Sep 20, 2018
    SOFTL has received multiple minor and major updates such as:
    • Checkpoint system - Players can now activate Checkpoints to save their stats every time they defeat the boss.
    • Movement Control keys - Players can now choose between WASD and Arrow keys.
    • And many other minor updates.
    I plan to update main thread with a new section: Roadmap. Unlike section 'Future plans', Roadmap will tell everyone, what part/aspect of game is being: Planned or is currently a WIP.

    P.S - Since my first post here, SOFTL has received five updates within six-seven days. These updates bring game to a more playable state and also more clear, bug-free(hopefully) testing experience. Hence, I'm still quite eager to receive feedback on my project!
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2019
  4. Kanugane

    Kanugane Member

    Sep 20, 2018
    Added Gameplay video to //.Media section.
    Also, game has been updated to a new and latest build - 1.6 with some important fixes and new additions.
  5. Yrbiax

    Yrbiax Member

    Nov 30, 2018
    Hey, I tried your game.

    Perhaps enemies were little bit too quick. There wasnt much time to reposition yourself for enemy ships, so i ended up just going back and forth hoping that i would hit something.

    I liked screen crack effect. :)

    Game crashed when i clicked on tutorial.
    action number 1
    of Draw Event
    for object obj_debugger:

    Unable to find any instance for object index '21' name 'obj_enemy_spawner'
    at gml_Object_obj_debugger_Draw_64
    stack frame is
    gml_Object_obj_debugger_Draw_64 (line -1)

    Also game froze here.
  6. Kanugane

    Kanugane Member

    Sep 20, 2018
    Hey! Thanks a lot!
    The crash was something I forgot to look at, some time ago. You probably clicked F1 to open my debug tool. I'll fix that.

    And did the game freeze completely? I have tested it out many times with some friends of mine and none of these times game has every frozen o_O.

    Nonetheless, I will roll out an update to ensure that no crashes will appear during Tutorial!

    Edited - Updated the game to version 1.6a so it should be all good now.
    P.S - I found and fixed that error which would cause the game to freeze!
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2019
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  7. Kanugane

    Kanugane Member

    Sep 20, 2018
    Game has received it's 7th update since 1.0 Build. For the next three builds, minor patches for SOFTL will be released, in order to add more options to the Blitz Shop as well as new selectable option for Arcade mode: [Random Events].
    Once the game reaches its 2.0 Build, I will shift my attention to Story and Career mode. Right now, I'm busy with writing an in-depth lore, drawing pixel art and more.

    At first, I will aim to make Career mode public and develop it with more in-depth details. Initially, you will by default start as Ashley at one of the stations, will be able to walk around and interact with other station members and also go out on a small missions. E.g - clear junk around the station or destroy pirates, etc.

  8. Toque

    Toque Member

    May 25, 2017
    Looks great

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