So why am I here again?


The forum's immigrant
Hey everyone, I think the last time I was active was literally a year ago. Decided to leave my face from this territory and try to build some things in my life. I've done a great job with my earnings from work, establishing well with the rent, and got into some sort of relationship in the progress. However, hell went loose then and it lead me to lose my mind a bit. I was getting fed up because friends were doing things I dont like and not spending quality time with me. I got a little loosen and into depression. So my partner told me that I must calm down and do other things that keep me occupied without bother others. But my motivation was really dead and spending quality times with people is something Ive been wanting to do for a while. I tried to put some time for myself then and suddenly I realize...

The forum was the only place that kept my mindset away from reality.

So I had to come back to this horrible place just to help my sanity and make everyone happy, including me.

But I feel like I been to lot of stress. I dunno what to say about this place because last time, I was really unhappy about it and felt very unpleased. Should I turn around now? I dunno. I made the leap back in here now so I guess make the best use of my time with it (by s***posting)


Welcome back!
I have found this forum to be a mostly positive and beneficial place to hang around. If you found yourself unhappy with it in the past, then there is a chance that you were too focused on the few dramatic posts that inevitably pop up in any community.

Make an effort to not involve yourself in stressful posts, no matter how much you want to engage. At best, give such posts a skim read and quickly carry on to more constructive sections of the community for your needs. It's ok to let others debate and disagree without involving ourselves. :)

Take care!