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Discussion in 'Work in Progress' started by vanbear, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. vanbear

    vanbear Guest

    Finally I took courage to show you guys what little abomination I commited :)
    So Much Laserz! (quite cringey title, isn't it?) is a game I made for one of my college projects, over a year ago, and after getting positive feedback from my friends, parents and my course instructor AND after a whole year of doing nothing with the game passed, I thought maybe I could continue this little project. ... and yes, I used the arcade font.

    What is this?
    It's a combination of platformers and puzzle games. It's where Megaman-style jumping meets laser reflections puzzles, althought there are no predefined directions or such stuff, everything is computed real-time using sprite-based normals, raycasting and beam reflecting.

    What to do in there?
    Your objective is to get through the door... but it's locked! How to open it, huh? It's simple: you have to manipulate the path of laser beams using splitters, mirrors and such (more ideas in the future, maybe?) so it goes right to sensors, which open the doors upon receiving a signal.
    WATCH OUT THO! Sometimes, often, you have to actually move your brains before acting, because said lasers might burn said brains out of your head.
    There will be three types of levels:
    • purely arcade levels with lots of platforms and jumping and avoiding danger
    • purely puzzle levels with lots of thinking, rotating, moving stuff and jumping and avoiding danger
    • combination of these two
    I want to make a game that is NOT child friendly in terms of difficulty. Shortly - the game will be hard, I hope it won't be the unfair type of difficulty, but the challenging one.

    Okay, you can grab the DEMO version over here and give it a try ^^
    Controls: (keyboard / x360 gamepad)
    Walk ....... left-right arrows / left analog stick
    Jump ...... up arrow / A
    Interact ... Z, X / X, B
    Restart ... R / Select
    Pause .... Esc / Start

    Notice that there are two buttons for interactions, you can use both on everything interactable, but the control panels that move and rotate stuff around have two active states: LEFT and RIGHT, of course it tells you which way you want to move/rotate an object that is connected to the panel.

    Special thanks to:
    HeartBeast, Shaun Spalding, Making Games 101, PixelatedPope - for great GM tutorials on YT
    xot, strawbryjam - for awesome collision_normal script
    Eric Skiff - for sharing his 8-bit tunes
    Capcom - for Megaman, bring him back!
    SFB Games - for Chiptone

    Let me know what you think, opinions, ideas and constructive criticism appreciated.
    Thanks, have a good day!
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  2. busterwbond

    busterwbond Member

    Apr 19, 2018
    hehe looks cute
    gonna give it a try!

    (btw is the file safe, windows gave me tones of warning for this file 0_0)
  3. RichHopefulComposer

    RichHopefulComposer Member

    Jun 20, 2016
    If you release the project to the wider public, make sure you change your character sprite. Fellow game developers will forgive you, but most people don't appreciate copied art!

    The laser puzzles look cool. Good luck with the game! =)
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  4. vanbear

    vanbear Guest

    I hope the file is safe, I've only compiled it with GMS and threw on my Drive :eek: Gonna scan it later.

    Yeah, I am aware of that. That sprite is a kind of placeholder as I'm not able to draw any cool character myself xD Capcom is credited and all, plus I'm not getting any profit from the game so I hope there will be no problems.

    Thanks for your interest :)
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  5. RangerX

    RangerX Member

    Jun 20, 2016
    So mega man is an actual real man and he now venture around in his underwear?
    Cool I guess. :p
  6. vanbear

    vanbear Guest

    @RangerX He's a real man outside but a robot inside, with lack of emotions he feels no shame of running around in panties
  7. vanbear

    vanbear Guest

    I've scanned it with Malwarebytes, Defender and Avast and these didn't detect any dangers, but it might still produce some false-positives because of it being a non-certified .exe file... I think

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