So I missed the Humble Bundle deal...

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I'm currently in college and not exactly rolling in cash right now. Sadly I missed the Bundle deal, I just noticed it a few days ago.

I was wondering if any kind soul maybe bought one additional $15 package and could resell me the keys? That would be very, very appreciated and mean a world to me as I cannot afford anything besides the free version now.

If the thread is against any rules, let me know.

Thanks in advance


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The Standard version really has everything you need if you're not currently working on a multiplatform game, though... it's free, and you only miss out on some advanced stuff like controlling memory management yourself.


I have a spare steam key for Game Maker studio only from last year bundle. Tell me in 500 words why should I give it to you...
I can't believe I missed this. Don't you hate it when you put money into something then find out there is a much better product and support and just happen to miss what looks like a once in a lifetime deal? Going o be watching the forums like a hawk.


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Selling is against fhe HB eula., however, i do not think there is anything about giving out keys for free.
As everyone else said though, standard should be mostly fine if you dont need html5/android and all... the biggest thing you moss out on is the marketplace.
Actually, I was looking for the professional version with android output. When I put in over $300 investment into a product, it was because I knew about the company for 12 years. Even though I left the market for 12 years, when I came back, saw what I liked and bought. It wasn't till many people pmd me telling me of Game Maker pro and then finding this website accidentally, I realized I might have bought the wrong thing. The one thing I am happy about, is the fact that the game I stopped working on 12 years ago, I haven't put into code yet. I just have the game script done. Now the only thing I need to so is sit and wait for the next sale here. I just hope it isn't till next September. I also talked with Kevin in sales. He helped me a lot in the blank areas and also unknowingly let me know its this product I need. I did try to squeeze info out of him about the next sale, and I failed miserably :( I thought if I emailed him enough, either they would put it back on sale to shut me up, or get put on ignore. Sadly the first didn't happen, and hope the second didn't happen either lol.


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I wouldn't call the Humble Bundle a "once in a lifetime" deal, it's the second time there's been one. Unless you're terminally ill, of course :p
But seriously, YYG is one of the most sale-friendly companies I've seen, especially right before major updates (there was a stable update released just the other day and there's been a bit of rumors about GMS2 entering closed alpha testing and stuff). There's just two months 'til christmas... stay determined and hopeful!


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I'm just going to close this, as we can't permit topics that ask people to resell keys. YoYo Games have done two HB offers now and are constantly doing discounts and sales on different products, so I'm sure that with a little patience you'll get something that suits your wallet soon. :)
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