GML Smooth mouse-following cam & smooth player-following cam



(sorry weird english)
First time posting here, working on a classic top-down shooter with GMS2.
An invisible object "obj_smoothcamera" reads on a step event
if (instance_exists(obj_player)) {
    x += (obj_player.x - x) * 0.1
    y += (obj_player.y - y) * 0.1
So when obj_player moves, obj_smoothcamera follows the player, every frame a little bit slower.
but i'd also like the camera to follow mouse x & y so you can see better where you're shooting, and found Shaun Spalding video about this:

But it seems that "view_xview" got discontinued on GMS2. What should i do to keep my already smooth cam-follows-player thing and also the end result of Shaun Spalding video?