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Beta Smash Ringtail Cat: The Ultimate Glitch Annihilator (2021) - Teaser Trailer #2 + Beta & Demo Download Links

Liam Earles

Check out our new teaser trailer for Smash Ringtail Cat: The Ultimate Glitch Annihilator! Currently coming in Fall 2021!
Music Credits Down Below!

Teaser Trailer #2 (Twitter)

Game Links
Play The BETA on Game Jolt!

Play the BETA on itch.io!

Smash Remake Teaser 2 Thumbnail.png

Game Description:
Don't Play Around With The Glitches, Be The Ultimate Glitch Annihilator! Smash Ringtail Cat's FIRST ADVENTURE has got Remade, Reworked, and Reimagined with BETTER GRAPHICS, IMPROVED MUSIC, MORE LEVELS, and NEW GAMEPLAY MECHANICS!

An evil scientist known as Dr. Glitcher has a plan to glitch up the entire planet with his multiple ultimate weapons, with one that would glitch up the entire world! Only one with the powerful bond between family and friends would have to save the world and become the ultimate glitch annihilators.

Music Credits

"Rockin' With Caped Crusader Cat"

by Eric Matyas



by Emma M. Andersson


Current Release Window: Fall 2021