Small questions about scaling and sprites



Hey, I'm a total beginner when it comes to GM2, recently started working on a little visual novel game with the team, still learning the program slowly..

The game I'm making is gonna have a high res pixel-art kind of style,

I had a hard time understanding how I should upscale everything, it was a bit confusing
trying to understands views,room size, camera, game surface..
(The game doesn't have a camera following a player, just a scene and text)

Here is some info leading to the question:
1) "Keep aspect ratio" is on.

2) The background sprites are made in 768 x 432 (I kept in mind that I want it to scale to 16:9 aspect ratio
resolutions without black borders)

3)The room size, which without views active- I understand is just the windowed game size, is set to
twice as the sprite size: 1536 x 864. (also 16:9 res)

The way I chose to handle the up-scaling while avoiding messing with views and cameras was to scale the sprite inside the room editor to "ScaleX = 2, ScaleY = 2" which is a perfect fit since the room size is twice as the sprite size.

My questions are:
1***Is the way I'm handling this the easiest for my purposes?

2***Is this method of up-scaling inside the room editor gonna lead to known problems in the future?

3***My room size and my sprites are EXACTLY the same, how come the grid won't let me perfectly fill the room
with my sprite?
(I'll add a picture for this one)
EDIT: Managed to drag it back onto the grid with Ctrl while dragging, so Ignore question 3. :)

Thank you so much in advance! hopefully I didn't make too much of a mess right away


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Did I post this in the wrong place or.... people just don't reply


Its not the right way to scale up a game in my opinions.
You're meant to actually scale the application surface itself and use at least a view.

Also, this goes in programming. You can report your own post and you ask the mods to move the thread.


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