3D Slow terrain loading. (How to optimize?)

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Lets summarise the question:

"I am using a height generation algorithm, and it is slow. iwont tell you which one it is, but please help me".

as far as im aware, thats not much of a question...

besides, what is this 'find_normal' you speak of?
Misty, is the terrain pregenerated and the chunks loaded from a bigger grid, or are the chunks generated each separately when they are loaded into memory?



Don't remind me.
My apologies, didn't want to short circuit anyone here.

I fear I must exit the conversation at the moment, things are getting too heated, and my computer needs a cool down (Firefox has a severe memory leak and my CPU has been quite heated for some time now.)

I can assure you that this is no prank, my terrain really does take over 11 seconds to load, and it was not made in ms paint, and fyi the terrain is not loaded from a bigger grid because that is slightly slower.


This guy's an embarrassment, for anyone interested, click on his name and select 'ignore', it will remove his account entirely from your forums.
He can take his buggered 'Trade secret' and all his future questions to reddit.
Reported for rudeness. Noone asked you to litter my thread with your rude comments.

Okay, so I've got some good news and bad news.
The good news is, while I was away I figured out how to seam the incorrect normal seams.

The bad news is, I loaded it in GM Studio and it only doubles the fps. This is unacceptable, since I plan to use more than 4 chunks in the future, so I am busy at work optimizing the code, yet again.


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Okay, two things:

It's not officially supported. GM8 threads weren't allowed on the previous forums either.
1) We have a "Legacy" prefix on topics for a reason... Questions from people using GM8 (and any other previous version) are fine. GML hasn't changed THAT much over the last few versions so if people still use lagacy versions they can still ask questions here.

2) This topic is a train wreck. Closed.
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