Sketchy Invaders (alpha) (windows)


SKETCHY INVADERS (alpha) (windows)


Your world has been invaded!

Take control of the last sphere fighter, and blast away all the invaders.

Destroy wave after wave with invaders and collect power-ups to survive a little bit longer.

The game offers several levels with intense arcade action and many waves of different enemies.

Game features
· Unique sketchy graphics.
· Explosive wave based game play.
· Random enemy patterns.
· Final bosses.
· Power-ups to increase your health and fire power.

How to play
Shoot everything, collect power-ups, do not die.

Game controls
Control your sphere fighter with keyboard or gamepad
(select gamepad input from menu - game settings - input)

Move the sphere with WASD or up,down,left,right
Bomb with N or Z
Fire with M or X

Move with left stick
Bomb with (X)
Fire with (A)

Common keyboard controls
ESC to pause game
Backspace to Exit

The game is not finished and there are more things to be added like:

· More power-ups / weapons
· More bosses
· More bullets/bullet patterns
· More movement patterns for the enemies
· and more of...

Comments, thoughts and suggestions are appreciated.
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Symbian Curator
I just played your game a bit, and here are my thoughts:
  • Usually I'm not one for graphics, and usually I consider graphics the least important part of the game - but holy crap, the graphics in this game is amazing! To be honest, that's what drew me to try out the game. The parallax backgrounds, explosions, effects, interface and everything - the game just looks beautiful, and the graphic style is something very rarely seen, but it's done very well in this game.
  • One issue I've noticed is that if you get really close to an enemy and fire, they will get hit but you won't see the bullet you've fired. This is easily fixed and you should do it when you have the time.
  • Now, for the gameplay. Unfortunately, there's not much to say here. You only fly from left to right and shoot at the enemies which are all more or less the same (at least the ones I saw, I played the game until I completed stage 4). I never got to change or even upgrade my weapon. I liked that powerup which gives you a small sphere which hovers around you and helps you. I picked up the "E" powerup a few times but it seemed it had no effect.
  • The stage bosses were also very underwhelming, they had no special mechanics, and their attacks were weaker than those of the regular enemies. The only thing they had going for them was a lot of health (and their sprites were amazing, I might add) but overall the boss fights were, I'm sorry to say, boring. Oh and you can't hit bosses with the bomb. I don't know if this is by design.
  • The game has no story or anything else to explain why you're a flying sphere shooting at hordes of aliens over the ruins of human cities. Now, I understand that some games don't need this, but in this case I'd like at least something to work with, to spice up the game.
  • The music and the sounds were good, nothing revolutionary or too diversified, but it fit well with the rest of the game.
Bottom line is, the game is very well made and stable in its current state, but it lacks gameplay content and some motivation to keep playing. My suggestions would be: A story; a means to collect resources and an in-game shop (to buy lives, weapons, upgrades etc.); more powerups; more diversified enemies; special mechanics for bosses. That's all I can think of right now.

I understand that this is only an alpha demo and that many things are not final. I see the potential and I think that this could become a very good game if developed correctly, and good luck with that!

As a final note, you could say what the size of the .exe is in the opening post (16,9 MB).



@Surgeon_, Thank you very much for your comments. The game is in the early stages, and much more will be added to make it more interesting and challenging.

A story that explains when, where, how and why will be developed. (I started to develop the game as a test for parallax scrolling, have not had time to develop a story yet).

- More power-ups are on the list. The "E" powerup gives a small increase of energy (the green healthbar).

Once again a big thank you for your feedback. I will consider all comments that I receive. All feedback is important keep making the game more entertaining.

Info about the download size is updated now...