Windows SketchLvl - A 3D level building tool using 2D drawings


A new way to build 3D levels in Game Maker using 2D drawings. Created by Sawyer Dargiewicz.
SketchLvl is a new type of 3D modeling software that allows you to build 3D levels for you to use in your games and programs. This is done by drawing "floor plans". After converting them into a digital image, they can be brought into full 3D! SketchLvl is actually an editor, too. After your digital drawings are loaded into SketchLvl, there are various tools you may use to edit what you've imported. This user manual (includedin download) will cover all functions of the program.

It was built entirely in game maker. It uses an execute_shell dll to open explorer.exe to the folder where your project is.

  • Export to common model formats such as wavefront object (.obj) and D3D (.d3d).

  • Construct 3D models from scanned images and combine them where applicable.

  • Provide automatic texture mapping for all models by using the physical co-ordinates of the vertices.
  • Automatically calculate lighting for all faces, using facet shading for each type of face (wall, ceiling, etc.) and Gouraud shading for connected faces of the same type.

  • Fine tuning of the vertices after scanning.

  • User friendly GUI to view the current model and modify all of its properties.
User Manual:
Included in the .zip is an extensive user manual. PLEASE be sure to read it!


You can download the .zip which contains the application and the user manual
Full application and user manual:
Just the user manual:

If the application doesn't start (for whatever reason, there's no real reason it shouldn't) you can try this version. It's built with the regular Windows export instead of the YYC version.

Known Bugs
None yet. Yay!

Known Limitations
  • GM makes file system management a pain. It works, but it's less than ideal.
  • This program does NOT work well for terrain. It works great for platforms, corridors, single rooms, and objects that benefit from the realistic curvature of a drawn 2D line (like a boardwalk).
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I have yet to decide if you are a genius for making this.
From the advertisement, it seems like exactly what I need.
But I am cautious to see what bugs and errors wait for me in store.
So far, this has my thumbs up.

EDIT: This does not run on my computer. Can you upload a smaller version so I can put it on a floppy drive to put on an older computer?
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It doesn't run? That's a problem. I built it with the YYC using the latest version of game maker studio. I'll upload a version built with the regular windows export.

Are you sure it isn't just your Antivirus blocking it? This is a notorious problem for GM games on Windows.

Edit: I uploaded a stand alone version built without the YYC. Give that a try, hopefully it works. :)
Also, there is no way to fit any GM game on a floppy disk (1.44MB). Even an empty project builds to around 2 MB.
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I'm glad I double checked, I initially thought it used a custom DLL I wrote but SketchLvl in fact uses your DLL from the marketplace.
Is there something credit-wise or legal-wise that I messed up and is concerning you?

Samuel Venable

Time Killer
No, you don't need to credit me, I was just curious. Also this project is really cool, I'll probably end up using it at some point.


Floppies are 3 Mb.

Also it still won't run. One of these days I will buy the Internet, or a USB drive, and test this out.


After testing your program with windows 7.
Everything is dead the mouse not respond and any key press followed by an error message..
Ask to terminate.The appdata folder dont created.
Also about the manual and what the app does.Only an English professor can understand it.
Advise:Test the app with many OS and include an EXAMBLE inside the zip...


Thanks for the feedback everyone!

It's concerning that some users have had trouble running a game maker built application. I don't know what to say. I've tested it on numerous machines and never had any trouble. If you get an error, please PM me or post here the error text you get and I'll do my best to help.

My best guess without any error text is that either your graphics card is incompatible with the way game maker uses the directx API or you're missing some C++ redistributable packages.


@Fishman1175 OK.The error text was a (GM error message) not from the OS.I think because the dlls was not at appdata.
But I didnt find a folder there after 1st game run.I have windows 7 -starter- and this versions have limitations..


Awesomenauts?. . . . .:D

Very interesting concept you have here. I'll be honest I was sitting with this running, learning, breathing, not eating, and understanding.
speechless sir. very nice work