Windows Skelly - Novice Necromancer (demo)


My game i have been working on for the last few weeks for a game jam. It's just a small demo (expect bugs and control issues), but i am going to continue to work on it later in the year, so comments and feedback is appreciated.

Once upon a time. The 'Underworld' was a very busy place, populated by the souls of the dead, and ruled by the infamous Grim Reaper. One day though, one of Grim Reapers minions grew tired of living under his rule and hatched a plan to 'dethrone' the Grim Reaper and rule the 'Underworld' themselves. His name was (insert name here). And with the help of his younger sibling managed to do away with the Reaper and take control of the land. Fear of an uprising from the 'Underworlds inhabitants "" closed off the portal between the worlds of the living and the dead, and closed teachings to other necromancers so they could not proceed to gain the knowledge to ever challenge his rule.

You play as 'Skelly'. A small necromancer novice who like "", has grown tired of their rule, and the constant mockery and bullying they give him. He seeks to restore the 'Underworld' back to the way it used to be, but as a novice, this will not be easy and will need to use his skills and courage to overcome the hurdles that he faces.

Skelly is a short demo created for the OGA Winter Game Jam 2020. The story is inspired by Danimal with game play mechanics of a puzzle platformer that resemble 'Dizzy' games, includes a ZX Spectrum aesthetic to give it a real retro feel and features music and sound effects from Shiru8bit.

As a demo you may experience some bugs, if you do, please let me know. :)

Known Bug: Sometimes fall through the floor and out of screen, if this happens use 'R' to 'Respawn'. :)

Forest_End.png ScreenShot_3.png ScreenShot_5.png