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    Oct 8, 2016
    Hello everyone, big troubles (in little China of course) here,

    I am working on a new project and we have some ... technical wonderings.

    1- is it possible to get a vectorial image used with a skeleton ? As far as I know swf and json don't work together to create a usable image (without animation, just want the separate images as it would be done for a "regular" image in png. Even with game maker anti aliasing at maximum I don't find it very effective and skeletal animation is quite pixellated, whatever how much I smooth my pictures (without having it all blurry of course).

    2- Skeleton would be nice because we want to animate how the character walk procedurally. To be able to get our foot on the floor where we want it. The problem is : we can't make all the animations of the game like this and even if we do there is high chances the animations will be ugly. The thing would be to use spine's skeleton for the procedural animation and then interpolate to spine's handmade animations. I know there is
    skeleton_animation_mix(animfrom, animto, duration);
    but it need to know which animation to interpolate from and if we proceduraly generate it, there isn't really an animation. Change between spine animations and procedurally made position need to be smooth or it will be ugly.

    3- If I have many skeletal objects (200 quite complex with around 20 bones) is it a good idea for performances ?

    4- Can different part of a skeletal animation be given different depth for each articulation or is it 100% attached to the object's depth ?

    Maybe am I asking too much to the software or skeleton technique, I'm new on using this kind of animation on game maker.

    Thanks for your time, cheers !
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