Steam Sir Smedieval - topdown hack n slash


Hello there, just yesterday released Sir Smedieval on steam:

If ye like hack n slash swordfights, 2 player co-op maybe take a look.
Keepascreenshot-Sir Smedieval (21-11-2019 19_58_05).png

About This Game
Sir Smedieval is a hack 'n' slash game with roguelite elements, where the goal is to free your village from tyranny.

The Tale
Sir Smedieval, now injured & outlawed, has fled to Brannach, with the King's forces hot on his heels. You, as a local rebel, have decided to expel these forces to allow Sir Smedieval breathing space to escape & heal.

Sir Smedieval contains intense sword fights, explosions & devious traps.Battle waves in three unique areas: a fort, a monsatic roundtower and maze garden.
As you slay the Kings forces, level up your abilities. Pickup loot, potions & weapons whilst avoiding randomised traps & obstacles.

  • Choose from four unique characters: Forester, Shepherdess, Farmer & one secret unlockable.
  • Battle in three unique locations: Fort, maze-garden & monsatic roundtower.
  • Fight waves of unique enemies & deadly Boss Knights
  • Level up your abilities as you do battle
  • 2-Player local co-op
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