Windows Single RPG Making List Just To Sell To Make A Lot More Money - [WIP]

Hi I am Alan Chan and I am the owner of the Lightning Gravity gaming company. I am uncertainly kind of behind my own working schedule base on because the COVID-19 was lasting way too long very boring at my own house to keep on focusing into my own working field. So far I am creating my own 2nd mainly best video game that I could at least make it as well. So at this link it was my own past video game . So I will be prepare for creating my own 2nd best newer video game at all by my own self right after our own COVID-19 date have been all ended. But so far I would most likely to be using my own Steamworks publisher instead of my own publisher anymore longer if I really need to use my own PC windows video game creation only.

So far my own very rough drawing with my own self legally made music without any of my own copyright issue. I have already shown my own video game idea that would be always all about farming, gathering, crafting, selling, and you could buy more lands afterwards with playing all by your own self. Meanwhile, I was drawing my own 2D rough draft drawings. I have just figure out that my own 2D top down drawing were not always suppose to be called your own 2D top down drawing at your own very first place. Because, it was always suppose to be your own side fake view plus your own bird eye fake view at your own same timing without really making it totally any sense anymore longer.
So since then my own more COVID 19 may have lasted way too long. To the point that my own working time period may have lacked way too many more times. Since back then why not just have a lot more morning running outdoor fitness training so I would be a lot more fitter to make my own more real life company second more bigger video game a little bit more later onward at during starting from around this coming few more weeks later to get more preparing more onward.
But in the end this is what I have made so far and slowly getting more prepare on my own next few video game development phases since I could still refresh my own minds to workout on my own more video gaming development instead. Because, I finally could get out a little bit more break from outside of my own houses during only my own most likely stage 3 COVID 19 would not really have been so much more worst self isolation that would always have been giving me so much more headache since almost half of my own years ago who would keep on staying at my own houses during at my own more COVID 19 safety would always lasted for so much more longer than I thought so like already.
Ahh still waiting for covid 19 to the end with to create my own other video game at the public library. So I can keep on self focusing onto my own other video game creation artworks.

But in the end I might need to change my own other mind bombing setting up yet, not to add another video game content from adding the real estate looking renting or buying another land ownership just to keep on self producing your own other workplace construction site building problem, which I did not really thought of I have already over producing pitching my own other one single video gaming development yet.

And still also covid 19 that makes almost no one cannot really do anything one year much longer ago still at my own other house headache making my own other video game company only at my own house without a opened library yet. But in the end I am still wondering why is this other front page image man is still also wearing another more real life pink covid 19 mask. Right now covid 19 is wave 2 stage 2.
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I got the very odd feeling that this is impossible for me to be focusing to make this other GameMaker video game without my own other library working space. When my own other library working space is already closed down for a one year like ago base on the covid 19 many other problems. But in the end I have changed my own other idea video game design concept. Just to at least make my own lives much more easier to make this other PC steamworks video game development.