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Simple Performance Test is a free project stub that will allow you to compare two code snippets and see whether one is faster than the other.

It works by repeatedly calling each snippet many times (10,000,000 by default) , and then calculating the average time it took to execute one iteration of the repeat loop. It can take several seconds to run the test, during which the game may become unresponsive. Once the tests are completed, the results are displayed in text on the screen.

If you're trying to learn better programming techniques, it can be helpful to understand how coding a routine in different ways impacts the performance of the code at runtime.

Full documentation available at explains how to set up a test, and how to understand the results, including limitations of accuracy, precision, and margin of error.

Using SPT, you can:
  • Get real world measurements of how your code performs.
  • Create a test project, save it, and re-run on different build targets and different hardware and see if there are differences.
  • Re-run the same project months or years from now, and see if underlying changes in GM:S have impacted the performance of your code.
  • Share the source for your test projects with others and invite them to verify your results, or improve on them.
No more guessing which way of coding is faster, no more arguing about which way of coding is better. Now you can prove it!

Please review it if you give it a try!
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